Mini Book Review: Slagside by Heidi Saevareid

Title: Slagside
Author: Heidi Saevareid
Publisher: Gyldendal
Publication date: 2016
Pages: 268
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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What do you do if you want to run away from yourself?

I'm one of those that never find the right words, one of those that freeze up, one of those that feels the rage building up inside of me, but never do anything about it, I just run away, I am so mad, I'm a coward, so much of a coward that I deserve to suffer the consequences.

Vilde goes to Bristol to take a year off school. She leaves everything behind in Norway, including her boyfriend Markus. In Bristol, she joins the martial art, Krav Maga and that's where she meets the weird and manipulative Fiona. It's an acquaintance that is destined, and it pushes Vilde into a corner.

A harsh and well-written novel about trying to live with yourself and your wrongdoings.