Book Review: Dirty Bad Savage by Jade West

Title: Dirty Bad Savage (Dirty Bad #2)
Author: Jade West
Publisher: CrateSpace
Publication date: June 9, 2015
Pages: 258
Genre: Erotica, Adult Fiction, Romance

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They say Callum Jackson's a savage.
No home. No prospects. No self-restraint.
He's red-flagged on my system, a grade-1 aggression risk, totally off limits for a woman like me.
But the rules don't allow for my dangerous games; they don't bend for my twisted desires.
Callum Jackson is the most beautiful beast.
A beast I can't stop thinking about, can't stop wanting, can't stop hunting...
... I just pray to God this beast bites.

Sophia Harding runs a tight ship. She may work in the dregs of housing association slums, but her patch is on the way up.
Anti-social behaviour is down, employment is on the rise, and she's even been shortlisted for estate manager of the year.
It's looking good. Really good. Until Callum Jackson completes his jail time and lands right back on her doorstep.
She could do without a guy like him on her books: a failure of the system and a pain in the fucking ass.
She should tick the boxes, do her job and keep her distance – that's what the handbook says. The handbook says no one-on-one contact, no at-risk situations, no direct confrontation of any kind.
But the handbook doesn't know of her craving for hardcore submission.
The handbook has no fucking idea how she yearns to unleash Jackson at club Explicit, where his savage can really run wild.
The handbook doesn't know shit... 

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If you want to read something that feels both real and raw, then this is the series for you. Jade West brings out the best and worst in her characters, and she creates a storyline which will in some way leave you pleasantly surprised. She gives us an insight on what BDSM is about, especially the dominant and submissive part. In some ways, it's both educational and entertaining.

Sophie is a successful business woman who has the perfect life. She has dominated in her job, and she lives in a cosy apartment paid by her parents. She is your typical "rich girl", or that is what you think. Sophie has a dark secret, a secret few people know. She has dirty bad fantasises about being dominated. She wants to give up all control, let someone else just take it from her. That's where Callum comes in.

Callum just got released from prison, and he ain't taking shit from anyone. He has no job, no money and a non existent love life. And he sure as hell isn't into BDSM, or so he thinks until he meet Sophie and get's his whole life turned around.

The chemistry between the two is absolutely electric! Jade West sends us through a rollercoaster like never before. In just 250 pages, we get to experience their love in the most vulnerable state. We get to see two real characters that face problems head on. We get a "little" peak into a sex life where they literally strip each other naked, both physically and mentally. We get it all served on a gold plate, with just 250 pages to savour. To make the characters look this raw, in such a short period of time takes skills.

We get to see a relationship evolve, and I'm not just talking about Callum and Sophie's. We also grow to love a certain animal that will melt your heart from the first moment you are introduced to this lovely creature. There "real life" moments in this book are just extraordinary.

So, if you are looking to spice up your reading then this is something for you. Though I have to warn you, there are still some parts of this book that I did not enjoy reading. But it did not ruin my reading experience. Remember, this is a BDSM book and there are a lot of fetishes that not even I knew about. So you are hereby warned.

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