Book Review: Air Awakens by Elise Kova

Title: Air Awakens
Author: Elise Kova
Publisher: Silver Wing Press
Publication date: August 27, 2015
Pages: 377
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

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A library apprentice, a sorcerer prince, and an unbreakable magic bond...

The Solaris Empire is one conquest away from uniting the continent, and the rare elemental magic sleeping in seventeen-year-old library apprentice Vhalla Yarl could shift the tides of war.

Vhalla has always been taught to fear the Tower of Sorcerers, a mysterious magic society, and has been happy in her quiet world of books. But after she unknowingly saves the life of one of the most powerful sorcerers of them all—the Crown Prince Aldrik—she finds herself enticed into his world. Now she must decide her future: Embrace her sorcery and leave the life she’s known, or eradicate her magic and remain as she’s always been. And with powerful forces lurking in the shadows, Vhalla’s indecision could cost her more than she ever imagined.

Where do I even begin? This book was such a mess: and not the good kind. The first half of the book was filled with one cliche after the other. All I could think was: "When will this end?". I found absolutely no enjoyment at all, and I had to take several breaks throughout because there were times I got so annoyed, I wanted to throw my Kindle out my window.

If there was one thing I enjoyed while reading this book, it was taking notes. But they were not "pretty" notes. To give you guys an insight to what I felt while reading this book, I'll list up a few, just for amusement. Don't worry, they do not include spoilers!
1. What the hell? Perverted Prince heading your way.
2. Behold, Christian Grey's chamber. I'm so sorry, but The Fifty Shades of Gray feeling is getting to me.
3. Fifty Shades of Gray with a drizzle of magic.
All of these notes were written after reading one chapter. I have never written this many notes while reading, so saying I was bored/shocked/annoyed is an understatement.

Another problem was the pacing. I have mentioned earlier that I am not a fan of books that goes too fas forward, but this was really bad. One moment, it had gone a day. Suddenly a week went by. Then another two days decided to evaporate. All this, within just a few chapters chapter. And it happened. All. The. Time. I found it really unnecessary, especially since this is a book series that include 5 books! Since this is the first book, I feel like it should have included more information. There weren't nearly enough to satisfy me.

And what was up with all the characters?! I wanted to know more about Vhalla, Aldrik, the other prince I do not remember the name on. Vhalla's friends, the people in the tower. Many of the bi-characters just flew by. I barely noticed them, as they played absolutely no part in the story. It felt like they were just there. Ghosts, lingering in the wind(see what I did there?). We didn't even get a sufficient amount of information about the main character. I wish we would have at least have gotten something more than just the basics.

Now, the book wasn't all bad. As I finished 3/4's of the books, things started to look better. I nearly had a teary moment at the end, which says a lot because it means that I managed to connect with the characters, even though it took longer than expected. I was also quite fond of the ending, and it actually made me want to read the second book. Hopefully, the second book will give me more of what I wanted from this one.

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