Book Review: Anyone? by Angela Scott

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Title: Anyone?
Author: Angela Scott
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication date: December 1st, 2014
Pages: 326
Format: Paperback, bought
Young Adult, Dystopian, Horror

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The end of the world? That’s the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters and deep philosophical exercises in school. No need to sweat it. So when sixteen-year-old Tess’s doomsday-dad builds a bomb shelter in their suburban backyard, everyone thinks he’s gone crazy….

…Until fire rains down from the sky, sinking whole cities into colossal craters and setting much of the world ablaze.

Tess’s dad gives her a few short minutes to gather her emergency bag and her freaked-out kitten, then leads her outside and into the underground shelter. Terrified, the last thing she expects is for him to leave her there all alone, but he has no choice—he must find her missing brother.

Before leaving, he makes Tess promise to keep the hatch door shut, not to open it for anyone but him, and to stay put until he returns.

But he forgot to tell her one thing: What is she supposed to do if he never comes back?

Recently I have been craving books in the dystopian and post-apocalyptic genre, so when I stumbled over this one while scrolling through the Science Fiction section over at Goodreads I just knew I had to buy it. The synopsis was intriguing enough for me to not even think twice about purchasing it.

If you have scrolled through some of my few reviews, you will notice I don't give a full star rating on most of my reviews. And the reason to that is almost always the same: things go buy way to quickly. This was something I did not mind while reading Anyone?. If the fast forwarding had not been included, the book would have ended up being a drag which was something the author managed to prevent. I also enjoyed the fact that the author knew when to skip ahead of time. It felt natural and I didn't end up feeling lost and confused.

I really enjoyed was the author's writing style. I will be honest and say I fell in love with it. The way she worded herself made me want to read more. It was simple but at the same time beautiful. She knows how to captivate her readers simply by writing and that is a really good trait to have.

What I loved most about this book was the fact that it always had me thinking. I started making assumptions, didn't know what to believe. I ended up question myself (and sometimes the book) because there was just too much going on. But not so much going on that it gave me a headache. Everything was just so intriguing and I knew that if I didn't keep reading I wouldn't get the answers I needed. I started going back and forth, and at some point I actually yelled at the book. It was a fun and exciting read.

The reason I didn't give this book a full star rating was because the book dragged at some parts. I felt like it took way to long to get some action in and I kind of lost attention which almost sent me into a reading slump. I also had moments where I wanted to talk some sense into the heroine. She seemed way younger than 16 years and there were some parts that made me rather frustrated.

All in all, it was a great book and I'm already itching to get my hand on the second book. Also, if you are a cat person (like me) you really should give this book a shot. It's not every day you come over a book where the heroine has a cat companion.

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