Review Policy

Would you like me to review your book?
Then I'd very much appreciate that you read what is below this line!

About my reviews:
✖ My reviews are 100% honest.
✖ All of my reviews are spoiler free, unless stated otherwise.
✖ I post my reviews here, on Goodreads and on Amazon. A snippet of the review is also posted on Instagram.
✖ I promote my reviews on Instagram and Twitter.

Genres I accept

Young Adult

New Adult


What you should know before requesting:
✖ I prefer physical copies (because that means I'm also able to feature it in my photos on Instagram), but on rare occasions I also accept digital copies.
✖ I am open minded, so if your book is not listed in any of the mentioned genres above, don't be afraid to send me a request anyways.
✖ I am a mood reader, so I'm not a big fan of deadlines. Which is why I'd like a deadline date in advance. I might not like deadlines but I always stick to them.

Your request should include:
✖ Title of book and author's name
✖ Synopsis
✖ Release date
✖ Link to Goodreads
✖ Deadline date (if there is one)
✖ Other information you think is relevant

How to contact me:
To contact me, all you have to do is send me an e-mail to:

Thank you for taking time to read all this!

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