About the girl behind the screen

You are all probably wondering who I am, so to begin with I'll list up a few things about myself!

• I spend the majority of my time reading, watching tv-shows and playing video games
• I am the laziest night owl you will ever stumble upon
• I usually dream about fictonal characters, and let me tell you; those are some good dreams
• One word that describes me: Highly overemotional. Damn, that's two words. Yeah, not very good at math
• I absolutely love cats and know I'll be one of those crazy cat ladies
• I am what you will call a professional fangirl since I geek out about everything and anything

This is the part where it get's awkward, because now I'll try to be at least a little serious.
My name is Ann and I'm a 19 year old girl that really loves book. Like, I really really love books. I'm from the coldest part of Scandinavia, little Norway.

My love for books started when I was around 9-10 years. I was always nagging my mum to take me to the library. A few years later, when I was around 13-14 I started to read books in English. I enjoyed that way better, but due to the fact that my local library barely had any books in English, I started to purchase them instead. It's not until now (at the age of 18) that I have really started to buy books because now I have somewhat of a steady income.

I started to review books in the beginning of year 2016. I have always wanted to review books, since I like to get my opinions out there, but I never made time. So this year I told myself to make time. I am by far a professional reviewer, but I know I'll have to start somewhere if I ever want to be one.
So far I have only been reviewing books, but I am planning to expand by reviewing movies, tv-shows and video games later on.

If I'm not reading or reviewing books, I'm usually taking photos of books which you can see on my Instagram account, @bokravnen.

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